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Help us reach 2000 fans on Facebook! | Indoctrination

Help us reach 2000 fans on Facebook!

As anticipation builds for the fall release of IndoctriNation, we need your help to spread the word! Please share our Facebook page on your walls, blogs, websites, etc. Tell as many people as you can (taking care not to spam anyone).

We plan to have special giveaways to thank you for your efforts. Prizes include IndoctriNation DVDs, Backstage Passes, T-shirts, and Bus Toys. Once we reach our first goal of 2000 fans, we will randomly select multiple winners. When we reach our next goal of 2500 fans, we’ll select more winners. With each new milestone, more people win!

Once you have shared our page with your friends, please post a comment at this blog letting us know.  We’ll randomly pick the winners from those who (1) share our Facebook page and (2) let us know by leaving a comment on this post.


  1. Stacy Russell

    Just shared your page with several of my friends..
    Hope you reach your goal!

  2. I shared this on my fb page :)

  3. I’ve been looking forward to Indoctrination’s release for some time. I’ve shared your Facebook page, hope it will help!

  4. The Israel family

    Shared on my facebook account. Looking forward to seeing the work you all have done. Thankyou
    Chad Israel

  5. Darla Eilert

    I shared your page on my facebook!

  6. Monique Poppen

    Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I posted the IndocTrination Facebook Page on my Facebook. Thanks for the opportunity to be apart of this exciting adventure!

  7. Lauren Albright

    Shared it on my facebook wall. Looking forward to watching the movie when it’s released!

  8. Hey! I just left a post on our blog page and a post on our facebook page in support of IndoctriNation! Looking forward to it!

  9. I’ve shared the IndoctriNation movie on my FB several times, encouraging them to “Like” you on FB. Was so excited just from the trailer and talk, but now much more so having seen a pre-showing of the movie!

  10. Connie Rodgers

    Very powerful; & I can’t stand that our country that was founded on God, is being forced to take God out of our schools, courts, our Pledge of Allegiance & so forth! We are being forced into socialism & almost to the point of being athiest! I AM HAPPILY spreading the word of this movie & awaiting it’s release! Thank you!

  11. Cindy Munger

    Shared and liked on my facebook page

  12. Sharon Swartzentruber

    Just letting you know I shared the Indoctrination page on Facebook. Saw the rough version at the CHAP convention in PA in May. Loved it, can’t wait ’till it’s finished!!

  13. Barb S.

    I shared on my FB page! Can’t wait to see this movie!

  14. Greg Roy

    Just shared it on my FB page !

  15. Lisa Nelkie

    I posted it on my FB along with some youtube clips!!! My husband and I watched the movie at the INCH convention in Lansing, Mi. We are just learning and coming to light on all of this. We have only home-schooled now for going on 2 years (Lord forgive us) I felt sick watching the movie tears flooded my face as I watched I only wish I would have know sooner. I pray your movie REACHES the END of the EARTH!!! So all will know and not have the guilt I had as I watched and now pray and work on daily un-indoctrinated my girls. Thanks God we now know.

  16. Just shared your Facebook page on my page. We started homeschooling 3 years ago. we were public school teachers for many years. God bless you!

  17. Turner Carey

    You people are complete and total psychopaths with no regard for the government of the United States of America. You care nothing about the principles our nation was founded upon, and recklessly disregard important notions that the Constitution of this great nation is founded upon, such as separation of church and state. Although I am a Christian, I would never use my faith in such a horrifying and manipulative way as you foolish bigots do. You use your Christianity not to teach and help, but to intimidate and frighten. You cannot listen to the voice of reason, only the voice of dogmatic stupidity.

    You people will not settle until everyone thinks exactly the way that you think. Thank God that America was founded on the principle of FREEDOM OF RELIGION. Everyone has the right to choose how their child should be educated, and thank God our education system teaches the TRUTH, not DOGMATIC LIES that you are more than willing to spew.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  18. Ranae Wynder

    I watched part of this movie at the CHEK conference & wept. I am so grateful that the Lord impressed on our hearts to educate our children at home w/ His Word & His principles as our foundation! Thank-you for all your hard work, truly educating people about our government’s education system.

  19. I shared your website and facebook page on my homeschool blog and on facebook. I have been monitoring your progress for over a year, and am anxiously awaiting the release of your movie.

  20. A Family Downunder

    I have just shared your FB page with some friends as we also are questioning state schooling and its impact on our kids. Looking forward to seeing the movie. All the best.

  21. William Grimsley

    God Bless you guys for what you are doing. I believe getting Christians out of public schools and into solid Christian schooling either at home or at a school is vital to turning this nation around and the church around, and I could be where the next great revival starts. May eyes be opened and may Christians see there is no such thing as non-religious schools; just schools that either teach the religion of Christ or the religion of man and the enemy (i.e. humanism). May He prosper you and bless you and your families spiritually and otherwise!

    Will Grimsley

  22. Melissa

    Just shared with some HSing friends. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  23. Scott, really liked the preview we say in Wake Forest. I would love to see this movie advance more into the mainstream. Have you heard about inbound marketing? I think you have a lot of great content that if you shared some more of it on the blog I think people would want to see the whole thing. Just a suggestion, but shoot me an email if you want to talk more about it.

  24. Liz DaSilva

    Just shared on my Facebook account. Can’t wait to purchase/see the movie! God bless!

  25. Matt Dorn

    Just shared your page on FB Can’t wait to watch the film. Thank you for what you are doing!!!

  26. Tracy Evans

    Sharing on FB and with my friends from church!

  27. Hans Walters

    I shared your post on my Facebook, and I am proud to do so as I am a public school teacher who is a Christian!

  28. Shared on FB
    Can’t wait to see the movie!

  29. Tracy Haroldson

    I have been excitidly anticipating the release of this film since I first heard about it!
    I look forward to sharing it with others. I’m sharing on my FB.

  30. Just shared this on my Facebook. Can’t wait to see this movie!!

  31. Kelley Kohr

    As a new home school parents, my husband and I are looking forward to the movie. Plan to have a Movie Night at our house for our family/friends. Godspeed!

  32. Kyle Picture-taker

    I just shared your page with all my friends. I’m very interested to see the movie when it comes out!

  33. Donna Sweet

    Just shared on FaceBook.
    My husband and I have homeschooled for 28 years.
    Throughout the years we have, pleaded, warned, shared with friends
    the dangers of the PS and we will continue to do so.
    This movie sounds like it’ll be another weapon in our arsenal. :-)
    Looking forward to watching it.
    In Christ, Donna

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