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Book | Indoctrination

It has been said that the book is always better than the movie. And as powerful as the IndoctriNation film is, we must admit that the book really does pack an explosive punch. Like the film, the book is a tour-de-force of the American educational landscape, but it offers so much more than we could possibly fit in a 102 minute documentary. A must-read if you are serious about equipping yourself and your family for the battle for America's soul.




$19.95 USD

Run Time: 102 minutes
Languages: ENG/SPA
Special Features: Subtitles, deleted scenes


IndoctriNation Book

$14.95 USD

Paperback: 372 pages
Master Books
Language: English
Dimensions: 8.9 x 6 x 1.1 "


DVD & Book Bundle

$24.95 USD

Save $10 by getting the award-winning DVD and the highly recommended book (signed by Colin Gunn).



$19.95 USD

Duración: 102 minutos
Idiomas: ESP/ING
Material Extra: Subtítulos, escenas cortadas


Look behind the satisfying but deceitful myths of an educational system which is actively at work to alter your child’s moral values, worldview, and religious beliefs. Learn the history and philosophy of public school education – and discover it is based on neither Christian nor American values. Explore the biblical principles regarding education – and who is ultimately responsible for our children’s future.

The companion book to the award-winning documentary “IndoctriNation”, this eye-opening book includes:

  • An unforgettable introduction by a father who lost his son in the Columbine school massacre – “I put him in a pagan school where they teach there is no God.”
  • Revealing, first-hand accounts of Christian educators working in public schools – sharing the struggles they face in a hostile system
  • Classroom anti-Christian ideologies from humanism, marxism, utopianism, educational psychology, and more that confronts students in public schools every day
  • 12 common reasons people give not to homeschool – and the manageable reality of this educational alternative

Paperback: 372 pages. Published by Master Books (2012)



Jennifer Shearer “The information contained in the book seems to be well researched. The authors are passionate and direct. It is a must read for every Christian family. If you are planning on sending your kids to public schools, you need to read this book in order to know what you are up against. It comes from a strong Christian perspective. The book does not bash teachers, but brings to ones attention…” read full review

Abbie “I feel that this book is controversial simply because it takes an unapologetic stance backed completely by scripture that is used in context. Those who are not ready to face the issues of a broken system called public education will not want to pick it up unless they are ready to view the issue through the lens of the scripture….” read full review

Steffanie “I am a homeschool graduate and felt before I read this book like I had already read every argument for homeschooling. I thought I had a rock-solid apologetic for it and was truly shocked by the unashamed, assaultive questioning our family has had to endure for homeschooling. Never have I had better answers for why we homeschool until after reading this book. It was so powerful I shared it with a local pastor, who likewise was so overtaken by the disturbing facts in this book he is putting together a series for his congregation to help them better understand the schools they are sending their children to….” read full review

parkerj “IndoctriNation is a wonderful book that accompanies a movie by the same title detailing the anti-Christian thought and dangers of America’s public education system. This book pulls together a wealth of knowledge from 28 different contributors. These contributors range from former principals/teachers to pastors to seminary professors and anyone in between. Despite all of these different backgrounds the book has one common theme: to alert Christians of the dangers of a pagan school system that is anything but neutral….” read full review

Karen “Whereas this book did not convict or further strengthen my personal stance to homeschool, it did open my eyes to the horrors of the public school system. It was outright scary. One article after another exposing the not so hidden socialist agenda promulgated throughout the system sent shock waves. Does the public school system have its problems? Certainly. However, this outright crusade to indoctrinate children throughout this country, whether through mental manipulation or drugs, is blatant and intentional….” read full review

Laurie J.R. McCollum “I had researched where our compulsory school attendance laws came from a few years ago. I wasn’t sure that this book would offer much more than I already knew. Wow, was I surprised! I’ve been reminded once again how dooped we’ve been as a society. Each chapter is on a different subject within the school system and is written by a specialists within that subject matter. A wide range of information is offered. These are hard facts, not opinions. Know in your gut that something is awry with our education system? Indoctrination will answer many questions that you have any ones that you didn’t know existed….” read full review

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