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Bracing myself | Indoctrination

Bracing myself

For some time now, and particularly during the last week of the IndoctriNation School Bus Tour, I have become increasingly aware of the importance of this little documentary film we’re making here. I have been blessed to witness our loving Father providentially put many things together, and keep numerous others from taking place, all resulting in the capturing of some truly amazing interviews and probably more than enough footage to edit a few films.

Looking at my viewfinder and listening on headphones most of the time gave me a unique opportunity to listen closely to what Colin and our interviewees discussed and I’ve had a growing sense of really how devastating this film can be against those who will make the case for Christians remaining in and trying to reform America’s public schools. In addition to about 20 interviews we already had before we hit the road, Colin sat down in front of my camera with the likes of Ken Ham, Howard Phillips, John Taylor Gatto, Sam Blumenfeld, Neal McCluskey, Scott Brown, and others, and with three insiders to the public school system: a former principal, a former student, and a current grade school teacher, all of whom gave us phenomenal testimonies and tremendous insights that are sure to impact many who see the finished film. (All of these interviews will be posted online for our Backstage Pass holders to review.)

Only the Holy Spirit can bring conviction to a man and move him to reform his ways, and the Word of God is the sword He uses to pierce the hearts of His people. Having said that, I think the Lord may very well use the humble efforts of a seemingly feeble band of filmmakers to help challenge the thoughts and arguments that have polluted the minds of God’s children for too long.

Please pray for us. We need much wisdom and discernment as we attempt to edit all of this footage down to about 5% of the original content. And we still need to raise the rest of the post-production budget to edit it all into an effective narrative. Our goal is not to entertain but we do desire to engage our audience with a compelling story and to convey our message as clearly as possible.


  1. I am the pastor of Grace & Truth Family Baptist Church, my wife and I homeschool our three boys and have encouraged those in our small congregation to do the same on biblical grounds. I feel this film will be a great tool for those of us who believe strongly about Christian parents being the primary educators of thier children. Thank you for all your efforts in this important endevor to reform the church in this area.

    In His service,
    Skip Athey
    Grace & Truth Family Baptist Church
    Plant City, FL

  2. Geoff

    One thing I find with home schooled kids is they lack a lot of fundamental skills by the time their parents bring them to me to teach math.

  3. T. M. Batterson

    A wise man once told me that I should never point out another’s fault unless I can also give him a solution.
    Am I to assume that your solution is to withdraw all Christian children from the ‘public’ school system and thereby withdraw all light as well?
    I wonder to myself how many adult Christians involved/supportive or in agreement with this project went to ‘public’ school themselves, as I did.
    I think this is a great project. I pray the outcome will be positive!
    I believe it is the responsibility of the church to take dominion over EVERY area – including the ‘public’ school system.
    I admit that we have a unique situation in our community. We have 1,381 people living in our borough, probably about 2,000 in the entire school district. Pre-K through 12th grade is housed in one building with approximately 500 students. Most of the teachers, administration & staff are well known and many are themselves Christians. We still have baccelauret, with prayer and the local ministirium taking turns with the sermonette.
    I also admit that 2 of my grandchildren, as well as several of my nieces and nephews, are “Home Schooled” and I am proud of them and their parents for their choices and achievments, but I am equally proud of those that chose ‘public’ school and maintain their Christianity throughout.
    I worked at the local schools in our county teaching afterschool programs for 8 years. Here in rural America (0r at least in our “neck of the woods”) the ‘public’ school system is worth fighting for – in my humble opinion.

    • Joaquin Fernandez

      Mr. Batterson: Thank you for your comments. I would love to hear from you again once you’ve seen the film. God bless you and your family.

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