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The Origins of our Modern Educational System

In my last post, I talked about the agenda behind the educational system in the United States and how it has been implemented in the last 100+ years.

We know that the goal of the educational system is socialism. But, where did it come from? And, how did it get here? Let us start with the question of where it came from. To answer that, we need to travel back to Germany in the early 1800s. Known as Prussia, this country implemented a new form of education which would eventually influence the whole world.

Before we look at the description of the Prussian educational system, let’s take a  moment to review the educational system we currently have here in America. For now, I’m going to focus on the colleges or universities, but remember that we are told that our elementary and high schools exist simply to prepare children to enter these institutions. College students have three basic choices available to them in today’s society.

  • The first option is a private university. This option is often one that costs a great deal of money and requires a great deal of academic ability from its students. These conditions create an environment that only a few students are able to experience. Students who attend private universities are considered the cream of the crop and are often revered for their intellectual capabilities. These universities provide society with many of our academic and think tank experts.
  • Just below these private universities, we have public universities that are not as expensive, but still require students to have a certain level of academic achievement. A larger percentage of students attend these schools as compared to the private universities. These universities produce many of the degreed professionals in our society.
  • Finally, we have community colleges. In our modern society, this is where the many students attend college and earn certification or a degree – often over two or three years. They may move on to a four year school after that. The cost of the community college is kept rather low and the requirements to enter these colleges are minimal at best.

I am sure that the system is quite familiar to you as it has been in place in our country for the past 100 years in one form or another. What might surprise you however is how similar it is to the Prussian system of education. In his book, the underground history of American education, John Taylor Gatto gives us a description of this system. See if you can find similarities. (I’ve placed the three types of schools in bold to make them a bit easier to pick out.)

“The familiar three-tier system of education emerged in the Napoleonic era, one private tier, two government ones. At the top, one-half of 1 percent of the students attended Akadamiensschulen, where, as future policy makers, they learned to think strategically, contextually, in wholes; they learned complex processes, and useful knowledge, studied history, wrote copiously, argued often, read deeply, and mastered tasks of command. The next level, Realsschulen, was intended mostly as a manufactory for the professional proletariat of engineers, architects, doctors, lawyers, career civil servants, and such other assistants as policy thinkers at times would require. From 5 to 7.5 percent of all students attended these “real schools,” learning in a superficial fashion how to think in context, but mostly learning how to manage materials, men, and situations—to be problem solvers. This group would also staff the various policing functions of the state, bringing order to the domain. Finally, at the bottom of the pile, a group between 92 and 94 percent of the population attended “people’s schools” where they learned obedience, cooperation and correct attitudes, along with rudiments of literacy and official state myths of history. “

Were you as astounded as I was when I first read this description? Remember, that NEA president George Fischer said in 1970 that they had been working for 113 years to reach the point where they could control who practiced which profession.

A good deal of work has been done to begin to bring about uniform certification controlled by the unified profession in each state … With these new laws, we will finally realize our 113-year-old dream of controlling who enters, who stays and who leaves the profession. Once this is done, we can also control the teacher training institutions.

This was the same goal that Prussia had during the 1800s. The Prussians wanted a completely managed society that could be used to bring both material and military prosperity to the country. They set about to do this using the educational system. Of course, when you have a completely managed society, that means that someone must do the managing. It also means that there must be people to manage. It is not surprising to learn that those who wished to do the managing were strong proponents of socialism.

Where did this new form of education take Prussia? That is an easy question to answer. One only needs to look at World War I and World War II to see the results. It was not enough for the Germans to control their own citizens. Why? Because power and control are insatiable desires. That desire to create a perfectly managed society quickly spread to the desire to create a perfectly managed world. This is what Hitler wanted – a utopia made up of only Aryan people. In other words, Nazism. And the German people went along with it. How? Well first, they voted Hitler into power. Secondly, they did not stand up and stop him when they realized what was going on. Thirdly, many of them chose to remain ignorant and stay uninvolved. As a result, millions of Jews and other people lost their lives.

You may be thinking that we don’t really have that type of educational system here. you may be thinking that it is just a coincidence that the two systems are so similar. But that is not so. The Prussian (German) form of education was brought to this country during the late 1800s and early 1900s by American citizens who went to Germany to attend the universities.

Throughout nineteenth-century Prussia, its new form of education seemed to make that warlike nation prosper materially and militarily. While German science, philosophy, and military success seduced the whole world, thousands of prominent young Americans made the pilgrimage to Germany to study in its network of research universities, places where teaching and learning were always subordinate to investigations done on behalf of business and the state. Returning home with the coveted German Ph.D., those so degreed became university presidents and department heads, took over private industrial research bureaus, government offices, and the administrative professions. The men they subsequently hired for responsibility were those who found it morally agreeable to offer obeisance to the Prussian outlook, too; in this leveraged fashion the gradual takeover of American mental life managed itself.

— John Taylor Gatto, The Underground History of American Education 

These American citizens were educated according to the Prussian worldview and brought their indoctrination home with them to the United States. From there, it spread to our universities, government, and businesses. Just as socialism spread throughout Prussia to create the Nazi movement, it has been spreading throughout our country for the past 100 years to eliminate liberty.

And guess what? We Americans have wholeheartedly embraced it. American Christians in the early 1900s agreed to send their children to compulsory government schools. From there, they began to teach their children that the epitome of being educated was getting a college degree. One can see the transformation happen during the lives of our grandparents and great grandparents. We went from being a society in which only a few careers required advanced education to a society in which everyone required a degree in order to get a job. The reason? If everyone requires an education in order to get a job, everyone will be exposed to the government’s indoctrination.

Of course, you may say that you homeschool and that your children are not being indoctrinated. But, have you noticed how often homeschoolers measure their success by using the world’s measuring stick? Homeschoolers fret about doing well on the SAT and getting into college so that they can be successful. Homeschoolers often use the materials that are “approved” by the public schools so that their children will be educated “properly”. We look to professional educators (whom are are certain must have the answers because of their degree) for advice in teaching our children. In that sense, homeschoolers are just as indoctrinated as the rest of society.

We homeschoolers thought we were radical by pulling her children out of school and in many ways we were. But, I’m beginning to discover, that we were not nearly radical enough. We are still helping to bring socialism to this country by our very attitudes, goals, and actions. In future posts, we will discuss these attitudes, goals and actions and what we can do about them.

The Purge Continues

She had 26 years experience in the classroom, a master’s degree and a record of student accomplishment verified by higher standardized test scores.

Nonetheless, her county school board voted not to extend her contract, claiming she was insubordinate and incompetent. Though the fairness review hearing failed to present any evidence of any incompetence, it was apparent she had riled young, new administrators by refusing to follow the public school system’s established teaching strategies.

She also riled the feathers of some parents, who claimed she was not meeting the needs of their “diverse” children. It was far more important for her to make her 5th graders feel good about themselves than to expect them to learn social studies and remedial math, which this veteran teacher thought was her job.

Obviously, she was not a team player. She may well have taught some of the young administrators and superintendants now purging her from the school system, but this new generation of “education” leaders was kicking her to the curb, forcing her and those like her into early retirement.

I guess I was lucky to have been purged from the system after only four years. My wife survived about 18 years in the system, though a good part of her teaching career was with Christian schools. Being a Christian school though is not necessarily an endorsement of classic teaching strategies practiced by teachers like my wife, myself and the one mentioned above.

Many Christian schools today are too wrapped up as a business; they put both academics and moral training on the back burner. With the same mentality I talk about in Legally STUPiD, they’re turning a blind eye to academic failure and serious moral indiscretions. After all, parents who send their kids to these schools are paying for their kids to play, not learn.

Failing a kid for refusing to do his or her classroom assignments, homework or study for tests and quizzes, may lead the parent to withdraw that kid from the school. Many supposedly Christian school administrators depend more on that kid’s monthly tuition payment than their faith in Christ.

For the same reason, they no longer enforce dress codes or punish students for swearing, cheating or talking back to the teacher. Christian school teachers who won’t go along with these relaxed standards are not asked to return the following year. They’re purged from what’s supposed to be a Christian system for trying to be Christians.

I don’t have a solution for real teachers who’ve been purged from either public or private schools. Purging teachers from the system is something I had to mention again in my novel, Prole Nation. It’s that common. Jobs are hard to find these days. It’s particularly hard for those whose entire life has been geared toward teaching to find a replacement job in that field.

I do suggest that you not to let your teaching skills go to waste. Be a source of help for homeschooling families at your church. Once you’re a teacher, you’ll always be a teacher. They can’t purge that out of you.

I Will NEVER Homeschool My Kids!!!

I’m sure the title of this blog has caught some of you by surprise. Would you believe that I, a veteran homeschooling mother of three who completely homeschooled adult children, once said that? I know. I know. Looking back, I can’t believe it either. But, it’s true.

Let me explain. In order to understand, you need to know a little bit about my background. I was one of those rare people who actually liked schoolwork. (I know. I know. Now, you hate me. That’s okay.) For the first five years of my schooling experience, I attended a small, local public school. From there, my parents put me into a small, private Christian school and there I completed the rest of my schooling except for lovely year abroad in Spain. Upon graduation, I was accepted into a private, local university to earn a degree in Spanish. But, I had also felt God tugging at my heart to be a stay-at-home wife and mother instead of a career woman. Thus, when my future husband asked me to marry him halfway through my first year of college, I said yes. (Besides, who could say no to such a good-looking Christian man who played the guitar and sang, right? Not me!)

We married in May of 1988 and found out in July that we would be expecting our first child in April. That fall, we moved to a little town to work in a small church. The pastor had been my high school history teacher. One evening, while we were at his house for dinner, he asked me if I had heard of this new idea of teaching your children at home. I had not and told him so. He then asked me if that was something I would ever consider doing. You can see my general reply in the title of this essay. But, what I really said was this: “Absolutely not! My child will be on the bus as soon as he is 5 years old!” Why did I say that? Well, the thoughts that ran through my brain at the time were things like these:

– “If I keep him home for school, I’ll have no free time for myself.”
– “If I keep him home for school, they’re never learn how to function in society.”
– “If I teach him at home, how will I know if they are where they are supposed to be academically?”
– “if I teach him at home, ..wait just a minute, I am NOT going through Algebra and Geometry again!”

And so, like Peter in the Bible, I opened my mouth and words came out. I spoke what was in my heart. I failed to heed my father’s advice of “Never say never.” (That’s good advice, by the way.) I also failed to take into account that God has a strong sense of humor!

Two years later, we were working in another church back in my hometown. We now had two children (yes, two babies in two years – that’s another story altogether!). God decided to place me in a church with three homeschooling families. I think he knew that I would need to see homeschooling in action before I could grasp the idea. Over the next three years, I observed these families and learned many things. I was still not sure about high school. However, I figured that I would homeschool for the first few years and worry about the rest later.

So, after three years of being encouraged by these other families, I prepared to dip my toes into the waters of homeschooling. After all, how hard could teaching Kindergarten be? Right? Wrong! Oh, it was not the academics. My son was a bright boy who had taught himself to MULTIPLY by age four and was reading short words by the time he was 5. He knew his shapes, colors, numbers, address, and telephone number. No, that was not the issue. The problem was that he was just like his mother and did not like to be told what to do! Mind you, this child obeyed me in all other areas of his life. He ate his meals, took baths, brushed his teeth, and went to bed at my command. But, when I sat him down at the table to practice his printing or to complete a simple assignment, he suddenly decided that I was no longer in charge!

My (now) favorite memory is the time that he argued with me for over 20 minutes that the apples he was supposed to color red (because both I and the directions had said so) could be colored green instead. His reasoning was that he had just seen green apples at the store and this meant that he should be allowed to color the apples red OR green. The issue was not really the color of the apples, but who was going to be in charge.

By the end of his Kindergarten year, I was done homeschooling with a capital D. My next child was due to start Kindergarten that fall and my son would be in first grade (that meant even more instructions to argue about) and I also had a one year old to contend with. There was NO WAY I was going to be able to do this homeschooling thing and (a) stay sane and (b) keep everyone alive.

So, I told my husband that I wanted to put them into a Christian school. He told me that we were going to homeschool the kids and if that meant that he had to educate them himself in the evenings, he would do that. But, I persisted and asked if I could at least ask about the cost of tuition. He agreed, but still said that we were going to homeschool. You will not be surprised to learn that the tuition of the Christian school was completely out of our price range (which frankly was almost zero anyway).

You would think that I would have admitted defeat then and there. But, no. I simply decided that I was going to put my child in the public school no matter how bad it was. I informed my husband of this, but still he continued stating that we would be homeschooling. Once again, I figured I would get my way if I just held out long enough. (As you can see, to my shame, in my early years of wifehood, I was not the most submissive wife.)

That summer, my four year old daughter became friends with a lovely little girl from church whose father was newly separated. The girls continued to ask to have a play date, but none of the parents involved felt comfortable sending their young daughter to an unknown home. So, we decided that it would be best to meet at a local park. A friend of mine told me that there was a lovely playground at the local elementary school just down the street from my house that she and her children used on a regular basis. I had never been there, but from her description I knew it would be suitable for our needs. We set up a play date for the following Sunday afternoon.

That week, I had a dream. In my dream, I was heading to school to pick up my son to take him to the doctor for a check-up or something or other. I arrived at the front desk and explained who I was. The secretary greeted me and told me he was in Mrs. So-and-so’s class down the hall. I headed down to find my son only to be told that he had just been sent to another classroom. No problem. I simply turned around and headed to that room. But, that teacher said the same thing when I arrived at her door. I was irritated, but not too concerned and headed on to the third classroom. This continued over and over until I was in a panic and realized I could not find my son anywhere in the school. Then I woke up.

Now, you would think that I would have realized that there was some meaning to this dream, but you would be wrong. My reaction was simply one of dismissal. You know, something along the lines of – “That was a weird dream. I must have eaten too much pizza!” I went on with my day and my week and did not give the dream a second thought.

On Sunday afternoon, I drove my children down the street to meet our new friends for the play date. (My husband was away for the afternoon playing in a gospel outreach band. This was yet another reason that we all felt that a public park was the best place to meet. We all wanted to avoid any appearance of evil.) I pulled into the driveway of the school which was rather long and began to drive towards the playground area. I could see the white van of the other family already waiting for us. Then my eyes happened to look to the right towards the school building.

I almost drove off the road because, to my shock, the school building before me (one that I had never seen before in my life) was the exact same school building from my dream! I also knew in that instant that God had been trying to tell me through my dream that if I put my children in a public school, I would lose them and never be able to find them again!

I recovered enough to safely guide my mini-van to a stop next to the white van and helped my kids get out so they could go play. They ran ahead to meet with their friends and as I approached, the father of the other family moved towards me to say hello. Upon reaching me, however, his first words were not hello. Instead, he asked if I was okay because I looked like I had just seen a ghost. I was not sure if I should tell this newly saved Christian about my crazy dream and the school building, but I figured I had nothing to lose. So, I did. Imagine my surprise when he told me that sometimes God chose to speak through dreams and that I should take it seriously!

I resolved then and there that I was going to homeschool my children for as long as God told me to do so. We finished our play date and headed home. I told my husband what had happened and apologized to him for not being willing to submit to his decision to homeschool. I vowed to try again that school year and to work with him until we figured out how to make it work.

God rewarded my obedience and miraculously my son was extremely compliant during his 1st grade year. My daughter (Praise Jesus!) after witnessing the misery of her brother’s Kindergarten year, decided to just go along with whatever I told her to do. My one year old was the easiest child I had ever seen and played happily while we did school. We had the BEST school year! We continued on year by year (some easy, some not) and by the time my oldest was in 4th grade, God had shown me that his plan was for families to homeschool and that meant I would be doing it all the way through. I was still not sure how I would teach high school at that point, but I also knew that I would rather end up with children that were as dumb as bricks, but still followed God than to have “brainiacs” who were lost to the world. I just put one foot in front of the other and worked through each year.

Now, let me tell you the results. I have three adult children who were homeschooled from K to 12th grade who love and follow God. Oh, they are sinners like the rest of us, but their heart is to do what God wants them to do. They are all hard workers and now live on their own. They are strong examples to their peers and friends of what living a godly life should look like.

Yes, they were good students and got excellent grades. Yes, they did well on the standardized tests. Yes, they were entrepreneurial and began earning their own money by age 12. Yes, one chose to take the SAT and scored very high and got two very big scholarships to two private colleges. But, just like Paul the apostle, I count these things as worthless when compared to the goal of being a follower of God.

Raising three more disciples of Christ is the measure of our success as homeschooling parents, not the achievements valued by the world. I am and will forever be humbled to have been given the privilege to be part of this journey called homeschooling that God designed to raise up the next generation of worshipers.

Read, Write, Read.

It has been six years now that I published Legally STUPiD: Why Johnny doesn’t have to read. I wrote the book wild-eye and enthusiastic that most parents and grandparents would want to know what’s really going on in public schools.

I should have gotten a new pair of glasses as the ones I was wearing then were blurry. I listed in greater detail than some folks can stand what’s being taught in government schools, especially what’s not being taught. Most folks don’t want to read, I decided. Then I had to opportunity to be part of the film, IndoctriNation, which allowed folks to see what I had asked them to read.

Kids are not learning the basics because the system doesn’t want them to learn. A thinking public cannot be ruled over. They are instead indoctrinating kids with every far left, anti-Christian ideology on the books. This is done partly to fill the void left by what the kids were not learning – reading and writing, mostly. It’s also part of the master plan to create a nation of what George Orwell called proles.

Early on in my book I mentioned the circumstances of my first stroke, which left a small blood clot in the left side of my little brain. Dyslexia was never a problem for me until then. In fact, it’s evident in a few unedited areas in the book.

At the end of the book I mentioned another episode the military doctors who see to my health care called a TIA — Transient Ischemic Attack. The docs never ran a CT scan or MRI. More recently, when I had my third – that’s right – third stroke, I learned I really did have a stroke five days before I walked out of the classroom, never to return.

The 2005 stroke – not TIA – was in the frontal lobe, which explains why my temper has been a bit short the last eight years and why I over-used boldface font and all caps throughout Legally STUPiD. My recent stroke was in the cerebellum, the back of the brain. This one has left me with an aggravating, continual case of vertigo.

At least now a civilian doctor has determined the cause of all three strokes and the three or four heart attacks I had last year. Though my blood is now as thin as red water, I’m told I now need to learn how to teach my brain to work around all three blood clots. As I did in 2003, I read. As I did in 2005, I write. I read, I write then I read some more. It really helps.

Reading and writing are not just crucial to stroke victims. Reading and writing are the most important things young minds need to learn. A child can develop a 24,000-word vocabulary by the 4th grade if he or she is taught to read via phonics. A child may develop a 1,500-word vocabulary if he or she to taught to read via whole language. Even English majors who don’t know a lot of math can see where one reading program if far superior to the other – if your objective is really teaching kids to read.

If constant reading and writing can help someone who’s had three strokes, do you not think it can help that child growing up in poverty to overcome his or her environmental disadvantages? Teaching a child how to read – I mean, really READ – will enable that child to read how to learn. The government’s school system is totally opposed to that.

The more a child reads, the better that child can read. It’s like doing pushups. The more you do, the stronger you become. The more a child writes, the better that child can think. Writing is a thinking skill. It requires organization of thoughts that make use of a strong vocabulary to articulate what you want others to understand. Without writing skills, the masses also lack thinking skills.

Do you see a pattern here? Who might not want the next generation to be capable of thinking on their own?

I had the opportunity a few nights ago to re-watch IndoctriNation. I think it’s the best documentary ever done on public education. I noticed though that many of those around me in what was supposed to be a Bible-believing church that supported a Christian school found the documentary as difficult to watch as they found my book to read. That’s too bad. I pray the Lord’s mercy on their children.

It’s not appropriate for me to say, “If you love your child, you’ll do this or that.” I will say if you love the Lord, you will read his Word daily while praying for his spirit to guide and assist you in understanding books like mine and films like IndoctriNation.

It starts with reading though. When the light comes on and they start to understand what Jesus expects of parents and grandparents, I ask them to send me a message acknowledging it. Thanks.

A Path to Guaranteed Homeschool Success

What would you say if I told you there is a path to guaranteed homeschool success? What would you say if I told you that every single homeschool parent can succeed in properly training and educating his children regardless of the curriculum used? What would you say if I told you homeschooling is really not about teaching the “three Rs?”

Now that I’ve caught your attention, I’ll let you in on one of the best kept secrets of homeschooling: it is 99% parenting. That’s right, you read that correctly. Homeschooling is 99% parenting and 1% “educating.” Unfortunately, far too many homeschooling parents focus all of their energy on curriculum choices and methodologies even as they fail to parent their children in the proper way.

Proper Parenting Is Biblical Parenting

As a born-again believer in Jesus Christ I am not ashamed to say that I know, without any shadow of doubt, the Bible is the absolute Word of God without compromise. Therefore, I raised and trained my children according to its dictates. I did not follow the advice of James Dobson, Benjamin Spock, or anyone else for that matter. And neither should you.

The good news is that Biblical parenting produces children who are not only capable of learning, but learn without parents having to watch over their shoulders every moment of the day. Imagine being able to set a daily schedule in front of your kids and know they will complete their work, on their own, before the day is done. It’s entirely possible when Biblical parenting is implemented.

How It Works

By now you may already think I’ve lost my mind or, if not, that I am at least a close-minded right-wing nut. All three possibilities may even be true. But the concept of Biblical parenting and homeschooling is very simple when you stop and think about. It’s also proven to work by those who adhere to it.

To begin with, do you realize your child begins learning the moment he comes out of the womb? You know it’s true. He very quickly figures out that when he’s hungry he cries. When the diapers are wet, he cries. When he wants to be held, he cries.

By the time the infant is ready to start moving and crawling he is curiously investigating everything around them. He is learning because that’s what his mind had been programmed to do by his Creator.

When it comes time to start a formal education, your child has already developed his learning habits. So let’s say you begin formal education at age 6. By that time, the relationship between you and your child has already been pretty much established. Every parent needs to ask himself some questions:

  • Have I begun teaching my child self control?
  • Have I never allowed my child to be uncomfortable?
  • Have I encouraged my child to work through problems?
  • Is my child obedient to my commands?

How those questions are answered will determine how well the child responds to homeschooling. If parents have trained their children appropriately, homeschooling will be successful. And lest you think this is just theory, I can tell you from experience that it’s not.

Homeschool Behavior

To drive the point home let’s talk about two problems common to homeschooling parents; you may recognize these scenarios from your own experience. The first comes by way of a child whose attention span is so short it’s difficult to get him to focus on schoolwork.

Some parents assume the short attention span is the result of boring curriculum, an inability to learn or, heaven forbid, a doctor’s diagnosis of ADHD. Guess what? It’s neither of these things. Solomon said in Proverbs 1:4 that his words were intended, among other things, “to give subtilty to the simple, to the young man knowledge and discretion.”

We know Solomon wrote his Proverbs primarily as instruction to his own children (1:1). This would seem to imply that he considered his own children to be “simple.” The word simple means to be silly, foolish, and easily deceived. The simpleness of your own child’s mind, as demonstrated by his short attention span, is the result of the sin nature in him.

How do I know a short attention span is not the result of curriculum or a doctor’s diagnosis? Because that same child can concentrate on video games for hours on end. You see, the child’s attention span is captivated by whatever interests him. The fact that you can’t motivate him to do his schoolwork simply comes down to the reality that he’s not interested. This isn’t an education issue, this is a parenting issue.

The second problem is borne out in the frustration of parents who want their children to love learning. I’m not sure where this idea came from, but it simply does not line up with Scripture. Can you find any Biblical references that indicate learning should be enjoyable? There may be some, but I have not found them yet.

Instead, I see humanity rebelling time and again as God tries to teach them something. For most of us, learning is uncomfortable because it requires something of us. And you know as well as I do that when learning doesn’t require something, we don’t really learn anything of value.

If your child rebels at the thought of having to do math, the solution is not to find a way to make it fun so he “loves learning.” His lack of a love for learning is not the problem. His problem is rebellion which, according to Scripture, is as the sin of witchcraft.

Learn to Parent, Learn Homeschool

In closing, let me pose one more question: what is the number one complaint among public school teachers who find it nearly impossible to teach their students? Answer: parents are not involved or students don’t have a stable home environment.

In either case, the public school teachers are smart enough to know their students are not being properly parented and, therefore, are both unable and ill-prepared to learn in the classroom. The public school teachers recognize this reality even as we Christians try to deny it with every passing day.

No, readers, the secret to successful homeschooling is not the right curriculum or the right teaching methodology. It is parenting your children according to Biblical mandates. If you will do that, successful homeschooling will follow as a result. It’s the natural order of things; it’s the way God intended it to be from the very start.

IndoctriNation – How Long Has This Been Going On?

When I first heard about the documentary INDOCTRINATION, I thought, “What a great tool to convince people to homeschool their children.” However, I did not watch it myself because I was already a homeschooling mother of three high school students who had been homeschooled from day one. I figured that being a veteran homeschooling mother, as well as a homeschooling support group leader, I already knew what the documentary would say.

I was WRONG. Early in 2013, after all of my children had graduated from homeschooling, a friend lent me the DVD and I decided to watch it out of curiosity. To say that I was speechless would be an understatement. Oh, I knew about the bad conditions in the public schools and about how they were trying to remove God from society. But, I still had a rather idealistic view of education in this country during its early years. What I learned from the documentary was shocking. To learn that the entire system was corrupt from the beginning completely changed the way I viewed homeschooling.

I realized that in homeschooling my children, I had been part of a miracle without even knowing it. God has seen fit to once again liberate his children from “Egypt” and walk them through the “Red Sea” to the “Promised Land” on dry ground. When I set out to homeschool 19 years ago, I was excited, but also a bit skeptical. After my first year, I was downright reluctant. Why? Well, my oldest child and I are a lot alike. We spent much of that first year butting heads. I even told my husband that I was not going to continue homeschooling. Being the firm leader that he is, he replied, “We are going to homeschool. And if need be, I will teach them myself in the evenings after work.” Being a submissive wife, I agreed. But secretly, I asked God to begin working on my husband to change his mind.

Thankfully, God had other plans. I had a dream in which I had placed my oldest child in a school. In the dream, I went to the school to pick him up. The secretary directed me to his classroom, but when I got there, the teacher informed me that she had sent him to a different room. Off I went, in my dream, to the next room. However, when I got there, the story was the same. He had been sent to a different room. This continued throughout the dream and my level of panic increased as I unsuccessfully tried to find my son.

I wish I could say that when I woke up, I understood what God was saying. I did not. It took the experience of meeting a friend at a local school playground. I had never been to this playground, but it seemed nice enough. When I arrived, I was stunned to see that the school building was exactly the same as the school building in my dream! I was so shaken, that my friend asked me what was wrong. I explained the dream that I had had and my friend informed me that God was trying to tell me something. I knew then and there that if I put my child in school, I would lose him forever. From that day forward, I have been a homeschooler.

That in itself is a miracle. But what is even more miraculous, is that God saw fit to use people like me who had been educated in a system full of indoctrination. He not only rescued my children; he also rescued me! This was the realization I had when I watched INDOCTRINATION. You need to know, but am not a crying person by nature. However, sitting in my living room, crying was the only reaction I could muster. To know that God had not only saved me from Egypt (institutionalized education), but also walked my family through the Red Sea (the process of homeschooling) was overwhelming. Even now, this thought brings me to tears.

Day by day, month by month, year by year, we educated our children at home. We chose curriculum that challenged our children and forced them to think. I just put one foot in front of the other and followed God. I had no idea that I was part of a miracle! Wow!

A few months later, I was given the opportunity to receive a free copy of the e-book Indoctrination in exchange for helping to spread the word about it. I love to read and I love to learn new things. I also happened to have a very large network that I could share the information with. I received my e-book just before my husband and I set out on a three week trip to Florida. I figured the e-book would make for some interesting reading while I was relaxing.

Once again, I was WRONG. Oh, the e-book was interesting, but it did NOT help me relax. While we were in Florida, I happened to see a post on Facebook about something called the Common Core State Standards. I had never heard of those and I was curious what all the fuss was about. I contacted the person who had posted the information and asked for more details. At the same time, I was reading the e-book – particularly the chapter that dealt with the industrialists and their impact on education round the turn of the 1900s. What I learned, was even more shocking than what I had seen in the documentary.

Reading the e-book was like reading a script for what was happening today in regards to the Common Core State Standards. Once again, industrialists and the government are teaming up to exercise control over the American public. I could not believe it. I finished the e-book and decided that I needed to begin researching the history of education in the United States. I decided to read John Taylor Gatto’s “The Underground History of American Education”. In that book, the agenda and the methods for taking control of American society were even more apparent.

I now realize that the educational system in America was flawed from its outset. (In fact, even in many Christian educational systems that have patterned themselves after the public educational system, are flawed as well.) The end goal of this educational system is complete control and the implementation of socialism in this country. The people who are promoting this educational system want to remove God, the family, the church, and freedom from our society. And they will stop at nothing to accomplish that goal.

The scary thing is how long they have been working on it and how many of us (including Christians and even Christian homeschoolers) have bought into their lies. We have been helping them to implement socialism for the past 100+ years by going along with their system of education. I will save further details about this topic for a future post, but for now I thought you might like to read about their agenda in their own words. These quotes are arranged in chronological order to show just how old this agenda really is. It is time for us to wake up and see the truth.

John Dewey 1897 – Father of Modern Education

  • “I believe that the school is primarily a social institution…. Examinations are  of use only so far as they test the child’s fitness for social life…”
  • “I believe that we violate the child’s nature and render difficult the best ethical results, by introducing the child too abruptly to a number of special studies, of reading, writing, geography, etc., out of relation to this social life.”
  • “I believe, therefore, that the true center of correlation on the school subjects  is not science, nor literature, nor history, nor geography, but the child’s own social activities.”
  • “I believe that the community’s duty to education is, therefore, its paramount moral duty…Through education society can formulate its own purposes, can organize its own means and resources, and thus shape itself with definiteness and economy in the direction in which it wishes to move.”
  • “The only true education comes through the stimulation of the child’s powers by the demands of the social situation in which he finds himself. Through these demands, he is stimulated to act as a member of a unity, to emerge from his original narrowness of action and feeling, and to conceive of himself from the standpoint of the welfare of the group to which he belongs….”
  • “There is no God and no soul. Hence, there are no needs for props of traditional religion. With dogma and creed excluded, then immutable truth is also dead and buried. There is no room for fixed, natural law or permanent absolutes …. Teaching children to read is a great perversion and a high literacy rate breeds destructive individualism … the child does not go to school to develop individual talents but rather are prepared as “units” in an organic society …. The change in the moral school atmosphere … are not mere accidents, they are the necessities of the larger social evolution.”

Louis Alber, head of National Recovery Act New York in 1933, published in newspapers nation-wide:

  • “The rugged individualism of Americanism must go, because it is contrary to the purpose of the New Deal and the NRA [National Recovery Act], which is remaking America.”
  • “Russia and Germany are attempting to compel a new order by means typical of their nationalism – compulsion. The United States will do it by moral (per)suasion. Of course we expect some opposition, but the principles of the New Deal must be carried to the youth of the nation. We expect to accomplish by education what dictators in Europe are seeking to do by compulsion and force. …”
  • “The NRA is the outstanding part of the President’s program, but in fact it is only a fragment. The general public is not informed on the other parts of the program, and the schools are the places to reach the future builders of the nation.”

1933. Harold Rugg, president of the American Educational Research Association and author of 14 Social Studies textbooks, said in The Great Technology:

  • “A new public mind is to be created. How? Only by creating tens of millions of new individual minds and welding them into a new social mind. “
  • “Old stereotypes must be broken up and new climates of opinion formed in the neighborhoods of America. But that is the task of the building of a science of society for the schools….. Basic problems confront us: … the development of a new philosophy of life… appropriate to the new social order…. “
  • “Through the schools of the world we shall disseminate a new conception of government– one that will embrace all of the collective activities of men; one that will postulate the need for scientific control and operation of economic activities in the interest of all people.”

Willard Givens 1934 – former Executive Secretary of the NEA

  • “An equitable distribution of income will be sought…the major function of the school is the social orientation of the individual. It must seek to give him understanding of the transition to a new social order.” (in a report presented at the 72nd annual meeting of the NEA in 1934.)

In 1936, the National Education Association stated the position from which it has never wavered:

  • “We stand for socializing the individual.”

In 1936, the NEA, in its Policy For American Education, opined:

  • “The major problem of education in our times arises out of the fact that we live in a period of fundamental social change. In the new democracy, education must share in the responsibility of giving purpose and direction to social change. The major function of the school is the social orientation of the individual . . . Education must operate according to a well-formulated social policy.”

On June 29, 1938, the New York Herald Tribune published a story on the NEA Convention being held in New York City and reported the following:

  • “Dr. Goodwin Watson, Professor of Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, begged the teachers of the nation to use their profession to indoctrinate children to overthrow “conservative reactionaries” directing American government and industry … [He] declared that Soviet Russia was one of the most notable international achievements of our generation.”

In the January 1946 NEA Journal, editor Joy Elmer Morgan wrote an editorial titled, “The Teacher and World Government,” which stated:

  • “In the struggle to establish an adequate world government, the teacher has many parts to play. He must begin with his own attitude and knowledge and purpose. He can do much to prepare the hearts and minds of children for global understanding and cooperation…. At the very top of all the agencies which will assure the coming of world government must stand the school, the teacher, and the organized profession.”

In 1946, psychiatrist Brock Chisholm, head of the World Health Organization (WHO), described the “new” attitude toward old-fashioned parents and called for an “eradication of the concept of right and wrong”:

  • “We have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties fed us by our parents…. The results are frustration, inferiority, neurosis and inability to… make the world fit to live in….”
  • “It has long been generally accepted that parents have perfect right to impose any points of view, any lies or fears, superstitions, prejudices, hates, or faith on their defenseless children…. These things cause neuroses….”
  • “Surely the training of children in homes and schools should be of at least as great public concern as are their vaccination… [People with] guilts, fears, inferiorities, are certain to project their hates on to others…. Such reaction now becomes a dangerous threat to the whole world…. Whatever the cost, we must… [put] aside the mistaken old ways of our elders…. If it cannot be done gently, it may have to be done roughly or even violently.”

October 1947—NEA JOURNAL publishes “On the Waging of Peace” by NEA official William Carr, who advocates that teachers:

  • “teach those attitudes that will result ultimately in the creation of a world  citizenship and world government.”

1956. “Dr. George S. Counts expressed the real purpose of Dewey’s ‘progressive education':

  • “…in school activities, in the relations of pupils and teachers and administrators, the ideal of a cooperative commonwealth should prevail… All of this applies quite as strictly to the nursery, the kindergarten, and the elementary school as to the secondary school, the college, and the university.”
  • “You will say, no doubt, that I am flirting with the idea of indoctrination. And my answer is again in the affirmative, or, at least, I should say that the word does not frighten me.”

1956 Benjamin Bloom – In Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, The Classification of Educational Goals

  • “…a large part of what we call ‘good teaching’ is the teacher’s ability to attain affective objectives
  • through challenging the students’ fixed beliefs and getting them to discuss issues.”

1956. Former teacher, Communist and Union organizer, Dr. Bella Dodd states,

  • “…the Communist party whenever possible wanted to use the Teacher’s Union for political purposes but the party had a definite interest in education also. The Communists in the Teachers’ Union were for progressive education. We were its most vocal and enthusiastic supporters…. Most of the programs we advocated, the NEA followed the next year or so.”
  • “I learned that the function of the Communist Party was to be the lead donkey pulling the drift of American life to the left. Most of the programs we advocated, the National Education Association followed the next year or so.”

1962—ISSUES IN (HUMAN RELATIONS) TRAINING is published by the National Training Laboratories of the NEA and in this book the editors write that human relations or sensitivity training

  • “fits into a context of institutional influence procedures which includes coercive persuasion in the form of thought reform or brainwashing….”

1967. Working with the educational establishment, Carl Rogers (1964 Humanist of the Year) wrote a book called “A Plan for Self-Directed Change in an Educational System:

  • “…the goal of education must be to develop individuals who are open to change… The goal of education must be to develop a society in which people can live more comfortably with change than with rigidity.”

1967. NEA executive secretary Sam Lambert said,

  • “NEA will become a political power second to no other special interest  group… NEA will have more and more to say about how a teacher is educated, whether he should be admitted to the profession, and whether he should stay in the profession.”

September 23, 1968—NEA president Elizabeth Koontz addresses the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and states

  • “The NEA has a multi-faceted program already directed toward the urban school problem, embracing every phase, from the Headstart Program to sensitivity training for adults–both teachers and parents.” [See the previous reference in 1962 concerning “sensitivity training” and “brainwashing.”]

The British Humanist Association, Marriage and the Family (1969)

  • “Some opponents of humanism have accused us of wishing to overthrow the traditional Christian family. They are right. That is exactly what we intend to do.”

William Glasser, psychiatrist, Schools Without Failure (1969)

  • “We have to let students know there are no right answers, and we have to let them see that there are many alternatives to certainty and right answers.”

1969. Today’s Education, an NEA publication, contains “Forecast for the ’70s,” by Harold and June Shane. They wrote

  • “…ten years hence it should be more accurate to term [the teacher] a ‘learning clinician.’ This title is intended to convey the idea that schools are becoming ‘clinics whose purpose is to provide individualized psychosocial ‘treatment’ for the student, thus increasing his value both to himself and to society.” Children would “become the objects of [biochemical] experimentation.”

1970. NEA president George Fischer told a NEA assembly that

  • “A good deal of work has been done to begin to bring about uniform certification controlled by the unified profession in each state … With these new laws, we will finally realize our 113-year-old dream of controlling who enters, who stays and who leaves the profession. Once this is done, we can also control the teacher training institutions.”

early 1970’s – “NEA presidents such as Catharine Barrett… began to talk

  • of de-emphasizing academic basics in favor of teachers becoming philosophical ‘change agents’.”

1970. Chester Pierce, Professor of Education and Psychiatry at Harvard tells the Association for Childhood Education International in Denver that

  • “every child in American entering schools at the age of five is insane because he comes to schools with certain allegiances toward our founding father, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity… “

1970. The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), the curriculum arm of the NEA, published To Nurture Humaneness: Commitment for the ’70’s. The visionary statements of its authors are coming true in our times:

  • “Vital questions of values, beliefs, feelings, emotions and human interrelationships in all forms must be integral parts of the curriculum.”
  • “The old order is passing…. The controls of the past were sacred…. Social controls cannot be left to blind chance and unplanned change — usually attributed to God. Man must be the builder of new forms of social organizations…. Here education must play a stellar role.” (Dan W. Dodson, Professor of Educational Sociology at N. Y. University)
  • “The school will need to be supplemented by neighborhood family centers which provide infant care and developmental activity…. Education may well begin at birth in cooperative family centers.” (Francis Chase, Professor Emeritus of the University of Chicago)
  • “Many daily decisions and value judgments now made by the individual will soon be made for him… How to plan for one’s children’s education will be partially taken out of his hands. (John Loughary, Professor of Education at the University of Oregon.”

1972. NEA president Catherine Barrett said,

  • “We are the biggest potential political striking force in this country, and we are determined to control the direction of education.”
  • “Those two complementary philosophies fueled the vision of NEA leaders who sought a Utopian world, freed from Biblical constraints and ruled by humanist politicians and taught by progressive educators. Parental rights and religious freedom would be swallowed up by the surpassing rights and rules of the greater community –the controlled collective.” (commenting on this quote by Blumenfeld “Those who rose highest in the public schools establishment and the NEA were those most strongly committed to secularism and statism.”)

Former NEA president, Catherine Barrett in the Feb. 10, 1973, issue of the Saturday Review of Education makes clear the objective of this powerful organization:

  • “Dramatic changes in the way we will raise our children in the year 2000 are indicated, particularly in terms of schooling…. We will need to recognize that the so-called ‘basic skills,’ which currently represent yearly the total effort in elementary schools, will be taught in one-quarter of the present school day…. When this happens–and it’s near–the teacher can rise to his true calling. More than a dispenser of information, the teacher will be a conveyor of values, a philosopher…. We will be agents of change.”

1973 Chester M. Pierce, M.D., Professor of Education and Psychiatry at Harvard, had this to say:

  • “Every child in America entering school at the age of five is mentally ill because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our Founding Fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It’s up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well – by creating the international child of the future.”

NEA publication, Today’s Education, the March- April 1976 issue, part of an article entitled “A Declaration of Interdependence” by long-time world government proponent Henry Steele Commager:

  • “Now we must join with others to bring forth a New World Order. It is essential that mankind free itself from the limitations of national prejudice. All people are part of one global community. We call upon all nations to strengthen and sustain the United Nations and its specialized agencies, and other institutions of world order…”

1975 – National Chairman of the Communist Party, USA, William Z. Foster, in his book, Toward A Soviet America, wrote that education could advance the revolution best if centrally controlled and organized under a federal Department of Education. Foster said that the Department of Education

“should be revolutionized, cleansed of religious, patriotic and other features of the bourgeois ideology. The students will be taught on the basis of Marxian dialectical materialism, internationalism, and the general ethics of the new Socialist society.”

Catherine Barrett, then president of the National Education Association (1976), gave a speech in which she said

  • “First, we will help all of our people understand that school is a concept and not a place. We will not confuse “schooling” with education. The school will be the community, the community the school.”
  • “We will need to recognized that so-called ‘basic skills’ which currently represent nearly the total effort in elementary schools, will be taught in one quarter of the present school day. The remaining time will be devoted to what is truly fundamental and basic- time for academic inquiry, time for students to develop their own interests, time for a dialogue between students and teachers – more then a dispenser of information, the teacher will be a conveyor of values, a philosopher [in secular humanism]. Students will learn to write love letters and lab notes.”

The Siecus Circle, published in 1977, by Claire Chambers

  • “Recognizing the organization’s potential for exerting tremendous pressure and influence on American education, the …socialist complex wasted no time in seizing control of the NEA; this it accomplished as far back as the early 1900’s. Early NEA leaders who strove for a one-world …order included such …Communist fronters as John Dewey and William Heard Kilpatrick. Harold Rugg and Marxist professor George S. Counts…were among the NEA teacher-leaders whose writings helped steer the leftward course of this organization in the early 1930’s.”

1981. In his book, All Our Children Learning , Dr. Benjamin Bloom (called “the father of Outcome-Based Education) wrote that

  • “the purpose of education and the schools is to change the thoughts, feelings and actions of students.”

Columnist Russell Evans wrote in 1983:

  • “A big wheel in the machinery of the proposed New World Order  is the National Education Association, now enjoying its crowning achievement: the Cabinet-level Department of Education. In the master plan for this New World Order, a scheme that is frightening more and more Americans, it appears that the NEA wants to control education. …this is [part of] an insidious global machine designed to crush our national sovereignty.”

P. Blanchard, in ‘The Humanist” 1983, continues:

  • “I think that the most important factor moving us toward a secular society has been the educational factor. Our schools may not teach Johnny how to read properly, but the fact that Johnny is in school until he is 16 tends toward the elimination of religious superstition. The average American child now acquires a high school education, and this militates against Adam and Eve and all other myths of alleged history.”

John J. Dunphy wrote in the Jan/Feb 1983 edition of The Humanist

  • “The battle for mankind’s future must be waged and won in the public school classroom. The classroom must and will become the arena of conflict between the old and the new, the rotting corpse of Christianity and the new faith of humanism.”

A 1985 NEA Representative Assembly resolution reads

  • “The NEA recognizes the interdependence of all peoples and urges that the United States make every effort to strengthen the UN to make it a more effective instrument for world peace.”

Former Nebraska state senator Peter Hoagland said:

  • “Fundamentalist parents have no right to indoctrinate their children in their beliefs. We are preparing their children for the year 2000 and life in a global one-world society and those children will not fit in.”

In the Humanist Review magazine it was observed that

  • “Education is thus a most powerful ally of humanism. What can a theistic Sunday school’s meeting for an hour once a week and teaching only a fraction of the children do to stem the tide of the five-day program of humanistic teaching?”

“Texas Federal District Judge Melinda Harmon 1996

  • “Parents give up their rights when they drop the children off at public school.”

NEA specialist Paul Haubner, tells us

  • “The schools cannot allow parents to influence the kind of values-education their children receive in school; ….that is what is wrong with those who say there is a universal system of values. Our goals are incompatible with theirs. We must change their values.”


  • Sex Education: “The NEA recognizes that the public school must play an increasingly important role in providing the instruction. Teachers … must be legally protected from censorship and law suits.” (Resolution B- 36, 1998)
  • Diversity: “Funds must be provided for programs to alleviate race, gender and sexual orientation discrimination and to eliminate portrayal of race, gender and sexual orientation stereotypes in the public schools.” (A-13, 1996)
  • Abortion: “The NEA supports family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom….” The NEA “urges the implementation of community-operated, school-based family planning clinics that will provide intensive counseling by trained personnel.” (I-12, 2003)
  • “Work with the school district, the parent-teacher organization, and community groups to provide information to other members, parents, and counselors about the developmental and health needs of homosexual, lesbian, and bisexual students.”
  • “Recommend … that the library include positive learning materials about homosexuals, lesbians, and bisexuals.”
  • “Encourage the establishment and maintenance of peer support and community self-help programs for homosexual, lesbian, and bisexual students.”
  • “Work with the school district to develop or expand school policy and curricula, including accurate portrayals of homosexuals, lesbians, and bisexuals throughout history, and to ensure respect for diversity, including homosexuals, lesbians, and bisexuals.” (i.e. In 1999, the then-director of communications for GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) stated that “we’re going to raise a generation of kids who don’t believe [the claims of] the Religious Right.”)
  • “Allegiance to a nation is the biggest stumbling block to the creation of international government. National boundaries and the concept of sovereignty must be abolished. The quickest way to do this is to condition the young to another and broader alliance. Opinion favorable to international government will be developed in the social studies curriculum in the public schools.”
  • “Conditioning is a process which may be employed by the teacher to build up attitudes in the childand predispose him to the action by which those attitudes are expressed.”

GOP: R.I.P.?

Cal Thomas, one of America’s most read syndicated columnists, addressing the future of the Republican Party and conservatives in general, had this to say: “If Republicans want to do something about the future, they should back a growing movement to pull children out of underperforming public schools where often their views, values, understanding of history and even faith are undermined. Home-schooling is an option.”

Increasingly, conservative commentators like Thomas are addressing this problem with the urgency that it demands. While most Republican politicians have their hearts set on capturing the White House and other centers of power, visionary conservatives will have to plan and execute a strategy that will impact generations to come. History will condemn them if they don’t.

As E. Ray Moore very insightfully said in IndoctriNation, “Christians realize that we are losing our civilization so they’re out there trying to get people elected to Office, when they’ve neglected their own sons and daughters sitting in their homes and in their churches. And I believe the Lord is not going to bless any of these efforts until we first turn back to our own children.”

Here is an excerpt from Thomas’ article:

The public school system, seemingly a “hot house” for growing new generations of secular liberals, is a failure on many levels. It makes no sense to me to put one’s children in a school system that will likely transform their minds and souls into something quite different from those of their parents.

Five Strikes and You’re Out!

Here’s a fascinating Behind the Headlines story about how—as we point out in IndoctriNation—teachers unions are not really in it “for the kids,” but are just doing what’s best for their members. Watch the video here: Behind the Headlines

How many second-chances would your boss give you if came to work drunk?  Or high on drugs?  Thought so. You’€™d be unemployed.  Most businesses today have a zero tolerance policy.

They’re a bit more lenient on public school teachers in Bay City, Michigan.  A teacher under the influence of alcohol gets a second chance.  And a third.  In fact, in accordance with the Bay City Education Association’€™s collective bargaining agreement, a teacher has to be caught five times before they can be fired.

You heard me right.  Five times!

The rules are stricter for drug use.  Just barely.  Teachers must be caught a third time in the unlawful use or possession of illegal drugs before they can be discharged. Even teachers caught dealing drugs in the classroom can’t be fired for the first offense.

[The discipline section of the collective bargaining agreement is here and the entire collective bargaining agreement is here.]

First Reviews on Amazon

Our new IndoctriNation book is now on Amazon and the reviews are starting to come in. Here are some of the more interesting comments.

HAROLD (PA): Because of various influences from outside the education system that have taken hold in our nation’s schools such as Humanism, Evolution, Modern Day Psychology, Atheism, and others our nation’s young people are being subjected to teaching that is contrary to what many parents and individuals believe or want their children to be taught. It is said that ignorance is bliss and well most parents are ignorant of what their children are really being taught in their schools which makes ignorance much more than bliss…it makes it dangerous and even deadly. By deadly I mean what is being taught and not being taught in our schools as well as what is happening within our nation’s schools to young people are causing a number of students to either kill themselves or to go to the school to shoot and kill as many people as they possibly can before they kill themselves. And this is a needless and terrible tragedy.

HAELIE (LA): I had a very hard time with this book. Just being honest. Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity is a companion book to the DVD by the same title. I have watched it and it is just as disturbing as the book. Disturbing, however is not bad. In this book and accompanying DVD, the filmmakers and editor have compiled a combination of first-hand interviews and article/book excerpts into one vast resource regarding the history and state of public education in America. Learning more about the history of American public education was quite enlightening to me…and disturbing as well.

TONY (WV): I’m always leery of the book version of a film, especially documentaries and other nonfictional media, mostly because the “novelization” tends to rehash the same ground that I just covered in the movie. But every once in a while, the book proves to be the perfect complement the filmmakers promised. Indoctrination is just such a book: relevant, readable and revealing.

SHAUN (MN): Prior to beginning IndoctriNation, I hadn’t seen the film. Fortunately I had an opportunity to watch the film as I was making my way through the book. While the book is fine as a standalone resource, it’s like trying to drink from a firehose. If you’re going to read the book, I strongly recommend that you watch the film first, so you’ll be better equipped to understand the context of how each chapter relates to the message of the documentary. If you have kids or grandkids, who are currently in the public school system or will be soon, I strongly encourage you to see the film and then read the book. If you are a part of the public education system or have friends and family who are, all of you should strongly consider watching the film and reading the book.

DAVE (ID): Much of what this book shared was new to me in terms of the history of how public education in America came into being, but it should be seriously considered by others because as the authors trace the history of public education they reveal that it has roots not in the Bible but rather in secular thought. Finally this book is important because it not only reveals why American children are having so many issues with learning, but also that what they are learning in schools today is anti-American and against the Judeo-Christian foundations America was founded upon.

When you read the book, please consider writing a short review on Amazon.

The Story of Home Education in Georgia

If you were home educated, or home educate your children, please take a few minutes to listen to the history of how home education became legal in the state of Georgia the early 1980’s. The story is inspiring and is both a testament to God’s providence and to the faithfulness of a Christian father who wanted to educate his children at home, in the love and admonition of the Lord. That man was my father, and by God’s grace He used him in a mighty way to help shape our State’s current education laws to accept home education as a valid right and option for parents. If not for him, and other men and women like him, things may have been much different – both for myself and for you and your children as well. And for that you and I should be deeply grateful.

I will forever be indebted to my parents for the faithfulness and courage that they exhibited in embracing their biblical responsibility to train up their children in the instruction of the Lord. The challenges that early home education parents faced were numerous, and my parents were no exception. Parents in those times were often faced with legal challenges, condemned as societal pariah’s, ostracized by family and friends, and yet they remained faithful. They paved the way for a new generation of home educators, like myself, to be able to enjoy the blessing of walking alongside our children as they grow and learn.

So please take a few minutes and learn some Georgia history and how God’s providence reigns supreme, regardless of who is in office. And how faithful men stand up for truth and righteousness.
Isaac Weathers