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Ken Ham interview | Indoctrination

Ken Ham interview

We strongly encourage you to watch this video clip of our interview with Ken Ham at the Creation Museum in Cincinnati. We were extremely privileged to be able to meet with him on the IndoctriNation tour and as expected he delivered a superb interview dealing primarily with the consequences of teaching evolution in our public schools.

Ken Ham had a considerable influence upon the Gunn Brothers as young men. His influential tours to Scotland and England encouraged both of us to consider the long term impact of evolutionary thinking and the unparalleled harm it has caused. A big part of our motivation to make IndoctriNation is to draw attention to this deep legacy of evolutionary philosophy within the public school system.

If you have already bought a backstage pass, please log in and enjoy the complete interview. If not, please consider going here to purchase one. The Backstage Pass is a great way to support the IndoctriNation project. It will get you a first run DVD of the movie IndoctriNation along with access to an abundance of great interviews and extra footage, most of which will not make it onto the DVD due to time constraints.

One other way to help the IndoctriNation project, if you haven’t already, is to join our Facebook page and invite your friends to also join. This will be a great way for us to spread the word about the IndoctriNation project.

We want to thank everyone for the all the generous support that has been given to this project. Please pray for us as we continue through the arduous and extremely time consuming process of post production.

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