‘LGBT Bingo’ Homework Part of Radical Campaign to Indoctrinate Youth

As reported by CharismaNews, a homework project that asks pupils to look out for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters in TV shows has been criticized by campaigners. The project includes a bingo-style game where children are asked to cross off squares when they come across an LGBT character or reference. The game encourages children as young as 11 to analyze how the media portrays same-sex relationships. It is part of a series of teaching resources developed by the Sex Education Forum, which lobbies for compulsory sex education in all schools.

Read the Charisma article here.

Dictionary.com Defines Homeschooling as “Mindless”

As reported by WND, Dictionary.com, the popular destination for writers seeking definitions and synonyms, contains some scathing commentary on homeschooling.

“If you want to keep your kids from reality and turn them into mindless automaton copies of yourself,” the site declares, “homeschool them.”

The pointed statement is just one of three potentially offensive sentences that could be found on the site as late as Tuesday morning as examples for how to use “homeschool” in a sentence.

“If you wish to teach your children such nonsense,” another of the sentences declares, “then homeschool where lame propaganda can remain unchallenged.”

“If she can’t find anyone willing to validate her helicopter parenting,” lists a third, “she’ll homeschool.”

Mark de la Viña, a representative for Dictionary.com, has since told WND the sentences have been removed and users who clear their computer’s cache and cookies should see the issue resolved.

You can read the rest of this article here.

Children cross Mexican border to receive a U.S. education

AT THE U.S. BORDER, Columbus, N.M. — The mothers, holding the small hands of their children, can go only as far as the glass door, where Mexico ends and America begins. They lean down and send off their little ones with a kiss and a silent prayer.

The children file into the U.S. port of entry, chatting in Spanish as they pull U.S. birth certificates covered in protective plastic from Barbie and SpongeBob backpacks. Armed U.S. border officers wave them onto American soil and the yellow buses waiting to take them to school in Luna County, N.M.

This is the daily ritual of the American schoolchildren of Palomas, Mexico, a phenomenon that dates back six decades and has helped blur the international border here.

Read the entire Washington Post article and watch the video report HERE.

‘It’s time to get out’ of public schools, says college professor

It’s nice to read headlines like this. Of course, it doesn’t take a college professor to figure this out. All that is required is common sense, which is what Anthony Esolen, an English professor at Providence College, seems to have. This is the same professor Esolen who wrote that the Common Core Curriculum has a “relentless, contemptible, soul-cramping, story-killing, pseudo-sophisticated, utilitarian focus.”

You can read his article here.

How do those words taste now, Dr. Evans?

Eleven years ago, Dennis L. Evans, Ed.D., then the director of doctoral programs in education leadership at the University of California, Irvine, wrote these words:

The isolation implicit in home teaching is anathema to socialization and citizenship. It is a rejection of community and makes the homeschooler the captive of the orthodoxies of the parents.

Dr. Evans’ argument was built mostly on teacher competence and the need for diversity and group dynamics. His theory was that home education doesn’t work because it cannot produce a socially-adept citizen who can think for him or herself. After all, Dr. Evans, was a member of the Board of Institutional Reviewers for the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

But what’s of special interest to me about this is the opening sentence of the USA Today article cited above. He writes, “The popularity of home schooling, while not significant in terms of the number of children involved, is attracting growing attention from the media, which create the impression that a ‘movement’ is underway.”

Well, homeschooling is not proving to be a flash in the pan, some sensational weird fringe thing to report on for the sake of ratings. There is indeed a movement underway. The National Home Education Research Institute has a wealth of research and resources that completely disprove Dr. Evans’ and the rest of the educational establishments’ rhetoric against parent-led education.

According to Brian Ray, Ph.D., director of  NHERI, studies show quite the opposite of Dr, Evans’ predictions. He sites Professor Richard Medlin, writing in the Peabody Journal of Education, who reported the following:

This research paints a very favorable picture of homeschooled children. Compared to children attending conventional schools, they apparently have higher quality relationships both with close friends and with parents and other adults. They are happy, optimistic, satisfied with their lives, and have a positive attitude about themselves and about being homeschooled. As adolescents, they show a strong sense of social responsibility. They experience less stress and emotional turmoil and exhibit fewer problem behaviors than their peers.

Professor Medlin concludes:

Are homeschooled children acquiring the “skills, behavior patterns, values, and motivations” they need to function competently as members of society…? And the answer to that question, based on three decades of research on homeschooling, is clearly yes. Recent research, like that reviewed earlier…, gives every indication that the socialization experiences homeschooled children receive are more than adequate. In fact, some indicators-quality of friendships during childhood, infrequency of behavior problems during adolescence, openness to new experiences in college, civic involvement in adulthood-suggest that the kind of socialization experiences homeschooled children receive may be more advantageous than those of children who attend conventional schools.

Dr. Evans was wrong. The enemies of homeschooling are wrong. The enemies of God’s educational prescriptions will always be wrong. Parents are not only capable of educating their own children, they are divinely ordained and empowered by the Holy Spirit to do so.

Dr. Evans closed his article with these words: “Those contemplating home teaching might heed the words of the Roman educator, Quintilian (A.D. 95). In opposing home schooling, he wrote, “It is one thing to shun schools entirely, another to choose from them.” God-fearing Christians of the time did not heed Quintillian’s words, nor should we. We ought, rather, to heed the words of his contemporary and fellow Roman citizen, Paul the Apostle:

And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord. (Ephesians 6:4)

Now those are words worth ingesting.

Fundamentally Transforming the United States of America

Peter WoodPeter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, has written a Report on the new AP History curriculum coming to a high school near you this Fall. According to John Aman, writing for WND, Wood calls the new AP U.S. history framework “a briefing document on progressive and leftist views of the American past,” one which “weaves together a vaguely Marxist or at least materialist reading of the key events with the whole litany of identity group grievances.”  

Aman also tells us that “Conservative author Stanley Kurtz asserts the College Board is ‘pushing U.S. history as far to the left as it can get away with at the high-school level.’ The new 124-page history curriculum is a dramatic departure from the five-page outline previously supplied by the College Board to guide AP U.S. history instructors. A much more detailed “history from below,” it focuses on how native Indians and Africans suffered at the hands of Europeans in the New World.”

Reading this reminded me of President Obama’s statement during an October 30, 2008, campaign rally in Columbia, Missouri. He said:

After decades of broken politics in Washington, and eight years of failed policies from George W. Bush, and 21 months of a campaign that’s taken us from the rocky coast of Maine to the sunshine of California, we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

As we show in our film IndoctriNation, the transformation of America was planned a very long time ago and has been underway for many decades before Obama was even born. Nevertheless, it is evident to many observers that the “change we can believe in” has been taking place at an appalling speed, and it only seems to be accelerating.

American conservatives, and especially Christians, need to ask God for the discernment of “the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do” (1 Chronicles 12:32).

We say it’s time to abandon the government’s indoctrination camps.

Common Core or Common Sense (with apologies to Thomas Payne)

In 1776, American colonists found themselves under the control of a tyrannical ruler. King George and Parliament had the agenda of controlling the colonists’ daily lives and livelihoods while using them for England’s sole benefit. The level of control had reached absurd levels and a few colonists were beginning to call for independence from England. Some colonists spoke of just reducing the levels of control while others seemed content to live under such tyranny.

To modern-day Americans, the choice seems obvious. But, we must remember that for many colonists living under the rule of a king was normal. It was all they had ever known and rebelling against him seemed like pure craziness. It was at this point that Thomas Paine anonymously wrote and published his pamphlet, Common Sense. Colonists every where read and heard his argument in favor of declaring independence. They were convicted of the need to throw off the tyranny of the king and free themselves. Those same colonists then created a new government in which they handed down the freedom they had fought so hard to obtain to the care of succeeding generations of United States citizens.

One would think that Americans would treasure and hold on to that personal freedom and liberty for all time. However, keeping such freedom also requires a great deal of personal responsibility and hard work. Over time, Americans gave up much of that personal liberty to their ever-increasing government because they did not like having to be responsible for themselves.

One area in which that occurred was in education. During America’s colonial days and early years as a country, education was controlled only by parents. Options ranged from teaching one’s own children to paying for them to attend a private school. A few public schools existed (especially in Puritan Massachusetts), but attendance upon an education of any kind was never compulsory. This responsibility for their children’s education required hard work from the parents, yet by and large, they rose to the challenge and produced generations of well-educated citizens.

However, there were people who wished to see a more powerful central government that could better direct and control the daily lives of the citizens. They realized the best way to do this was through the education of the upcoming generations. They first accustomed parents to the idea of sending their children to small, local one-room schools with locally-certified teachers. Over time, the certification process of teachers was expanded and standardized to create a group of “experts”. These instructors were presented as being better qualified than parents to teach children. Then, attendance in school was made compulsory so that parents had no choice but to send their children to those experts. The last step in the process is the standardization of the curriculum used nationwide. We can see this happening in the implementation of the Common Core.

Because the process of gaining control over the education of children was so gradual, parents unwittingly bought into the lie that the government knew best when it came to education, standards, teacher certification, testing, and curriculum among other things. They never even stopped to consider that there might be an agenda of control behind the lie.

Americans now find themselves under the tyrannical control of the government education system. This system seeks to control not only the education, but also the career choices of its citizens. The level of control reached such absurd levels that in the 1960s, some Americans sought to regain some of their freedoms via private Christian schools. This, in turn, led to the revival of the concept of homeschooling in the 1980s which gained a bit more of that freedom back. And yet, the government still controls our children’s education via regulations, standardized tests, and the almighty college diploma.

Some Americans are calling for complete independence from the government in the area of education. Others wish to simply reduce the level of control. Sadly, far too many parents seem content to let their children live under the tyranny of the government indoctrination programs known as public education.

The task at hand is as clear today as it was in 1776. We need to declare complete independence and emancipation from the government when it comes to the education of our children. We need to take back personal responsibility for this area and not rely on the government in any way, shape, or form to meet it. If we do not, then we will continue living under the oppressive thumb of a government run by people who seek to control our daily lives and livelihood for their sole benefit.

Government Schooling: The Final Solution

“Is there an idea more radical in the history of the human race than turning your children over to total strangers whom you know nothing about, and having those strangers work on your child’s mind, out of your sight, for a period of twelve years? Could there be a more radical idea than that? Back in Colonial days in America, if you proposed that kind of idea, they’d burn you at the stake, you mad person! It’s a mad idea!” —  John Taylor Gatto in IndoctriNation

In our post World War II world, the words “The Final Solution” most often make us think about Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany with its extermination of 6 million Jews as well as 5 million mentally and physically handicapped people, blacks and mulattos, homosexuals, Gypsies, and Nazi resisters. Those who have studied history know that Hitler and the Nazis believed in the idea of a Master Race. Members of this Master Race who went along with Hitler’s views were allowed to live. Those who were not part of the Master Race, as well as those who would not go along with Hitler’s views were eliminated. Here are just two examples:

  • In all, between 200,000 and 250,000 mentally and physically handicapped persons were murdered from 1939 to 1945 under the T-4 and other “euthanasia” programs.
  • In 1937, all local authorities in Germany were to submit a list of all the mulattos. Then, these children were taken from their homes or schools without parental permission and put before the commission. Once a child was decided to be of black descent, the child was taken immediately to a hospital and sterilized. About 400 children were medically sterilized — many times without their parents’ knowledge.

Source: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/holo.html

Please note that Hitler not only hated the Jews, but also anyone who did not fit in or go along with his idea of a perfect society. In order to accomplish his agenda, these people had to be eliminated. In the early years, Hitler and the Nazis were somewhat open in the rounding up and killing of those who did not fit in. However, they found that this method was bad for their image and caused people to stop supporting them.

This led to the development of a new method – deportation. The Nazis realized that they could use the concept of “out of sight, out of mind” to prevent the average citizen from getting upset. German citizens were now told that the Jews from their towns were simply being shipped east to be resettled in new places because it would be better for both the Jews and the German population. Families of handicapped people were told that their loved ones were being sent to government medical facilities for care. Of course, none of this was true. Once these people were “out of sight”, they were killed systematically. Meanwhile, back at home, propaganda flooded the schools and cities to convince people that things were going well in the Third Reich.

Hitler’s goal was to eliminate those who stood in the way of his objectives and indoctrinate everyone else into thinking his actions were good. A new core curricula that endorsed and taught Nazi beliefs was created and implemented into schools. Teachers who refused to go along with the program were removed from their positions with some even being sent to concentration camps. Students were encouraged to join the Hitler’s Youth organization and to  report anyone who expressed disagreement with Nazi ideas to the authorities.

Hopefully, not much of the above is new information to you. What may shock you is that those who created (and are still running our public school system) have the exact same goals that Hitler and the Nazis had. Mandatory public education in America began as part of a quest for a perfect society with the Puritans in Massachusetts who were seeking a religious utopia. This quest was soon taken up by Progressive statists/socialists who were seeking a secular utopia.

“The rugged individualism of Americanism must go, because it is contrary to the purpose of the New Deal and the NRA [National Recovery Act], which is remaking America.”

“The NRA is the outstanding part of the President’s program, but in fact it is only a fragment. The general public is not informed on the other parts of the program, and the schools are the places to reach the future builders of the nation.”

“Russia and Germany are attempting to compel a new order by means typical of their nationalism – compulsion. The United States will do it by moral (per)suasion. Of course we expect some opposition, but the principles of the New Deal must be carried to the youth of the nation. We expect to accomplish by education what dictators in Europe are seeking to do by compulsion and force.”

Louis Alber, head of National Recovery Act New York 1933

NEA president, Catherine Barrett summed up this agenda in 1972:

“Those two complementary philosophies fueled the vision of NEA leaders who sought a utopian world, freed from Biblical constraints and ruled by humanist politicians and taught by progressive educators. Parental rights and religious freedom would be swallowed up by the surpassing rights and rules of the greater community — the controlled collective.”

Did you catch that phrase “the controlled collective”? This means that there will be some who will control and some who will be controlled. Of course, there also will be some who cannot be controlled whose power must be eliminated.

In the following quotes from his book, The Underground History f American Education, John Taylor Gatto spells out the three groups: “the elite, ruling, overclass”, “the uprooted and transplanted future leaders”, and the “ignorant, controlled lower classes.”

  • “Identified early enough inside the laboratory of government schooling, the best leadership of these classes could be uprooted and transplanted into ruling class society, reinvigorating the blood stock of the overclass: Count Dracula in education department drag. This genetic harvesting would deliver the best formula for social harmony. Potential future leaders among the underclasses would be targeted early in schooling, then weaned from any misguided loyalty to their own group, using incentives. Far from prying eyes, their minds would be conditioned in special “gifted” classes.”
  • “While this process of vetting went on, school would also be used to train most of us in our role in traditional status hierarchies. Class rankings, specialized tracking, daily habituation to payoffs and punishments, and other means would accomplish the trick. Those elected for advancement would be drawn bit by bit into identification with the upper crust and with its ways of dress, speech, expectation, etc. They would come in this fashion to look upon their group of origin as evolutionarily retarded—a brilliant imaginative coup.”
  • “The Behavioral Science Teacher Education Project identified the future as one “in which a small elite” will control all important matters, one where participatory democracy will largely disappear. Children are made to see, through school experiences, that their classmates are so cruel and irresponsible, so inadequate to the task of self-discipline, and so ignorant they need to be controlled and regulated for society’s good.”
  • “…the gigantic Behavioral Science Teacher Education Project, outlined teaching reforms to be forced on the country after 1967. If you ever want to hunt this thing down, it bears the U.S. Office of Education Contract Number OEC-0-9-320424-4042 (B10). The document sets out clearly the intentions of its creators—nothing less than “impersonal manipulation” through schooling of a future America in which “few will be able to maintain control over their opinions,” an America in which “each individual receives at birth a multi-purpose identification number” which enables employers and other controllers to keep track of underlings and to expose them to direct or subliminal influence when necessary.”
  • “In its modern form, the theory of democratic elitism comes partly from John Stuart Mill, partly from the work of Italian intellectuals Vilfredo Pareto and Gaetano Mosca, especially from the latter’s essay of 1896, translated into English as The Ruling Class: Elements of a Science of Politics, 6 a book vital to understanding twentieth-century schooling. The way to make a political regime stable across the centuries had eluded every wise man of history, but Mosca found the key: elites must deliberately and selectively feed on the brains and vitality of the lesser classes.”

In our public school system, the elite Progressive class set out to identify and indoctrinate those future leaders while also eliminating the power of the average citizen by dumbing them down. By gradually gaining complete control of the education of our children, the Progressives have used the same technique that Hitler and the Nazis eventually hit upon – deportation. You might protest that the children in our nation are not being deported. However, consider the fact that millions of American parents willingly send their child to the public schools on a daily basis over twelve years. And in those public schools, the minds of children are being worked on to control their role and effect on society just as surely as Hitler and the Nazis worked on the bodies of people to do the same. Over the past 150+ years, the old concept of “out of sight, out of mind” has worked well for the Progressives. They have churned out generations of American who think more and more like socialists and statists.

 And thus, we come back to the quote found at the beginning of this essay. The public schools are not concentration camps with forced labor and gas chambers designed to kill the body. Rather, they are concentration camps with forced exercises and indoctrination designed to kill the mind. The citizens of Nazi Germany allowed Hitler and the Nazis to take away human beings to be physically destroyed. We condemn this and rightfully so. However, we Americans are allowing the Progressive socialists to take away human beings to be mentally destroyed in our schools. This ought to be recognized and condemened. Instead, it is accepted as normal and good.

We ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

A Mother’s Story

We recently received the following email from a mother in North Carolina.

I am the mother of three children, ages 15, 12 and 9. We started homeschooling our oldest daughter from the outset with the intention of home educating all of our children through high school. Through a series of events, we ended up moving with a newborn. A year later, we experienced economic hardship that continued for over 9 months.

I took on a part-time job and continued homeschooling, but after a year, I was drowning under the pressure with no support and a husband telling me that I couldn’t do it all so we should just put them in school. We put them in private school that fall, but after a semester of paying the high tuition price while not being able to find a full-time job in spite of a Bachelors of Science in Accounting, we were in serious debt. The next obvious step was to put them in the public school and trust them in God’s hands. After all, my husband argued, we could not continue what we were doing. I conceded, to my dismay and shame.

We encountered a lot of good, Christian teachers along the way, and I thank God for those teachers; however, we experienced just as many bad teachers. On top of the bad teachers we encountered, the good teachers were fighting the system so there was little to no freedom for those teachers to share their faith and encourage my children in their faith. They also were dealing with the trial implementation of the CCSS by the Wake County Public School System.

By that time, I had a full-time job, but the pay was not what I was expecting so it took a long time to get out of debt. Dealing with CCSS while working full-time was a nightmare to say the least. I was told by the principal of my 4th grade son that the teachers were implementing learning centers instead of teaching, the kids were supposed to learn from each other and apply their knowledge to real-life scenarios. My only question for the principal was, “How is the child supposed to apply knowledge he or she has not acquired?” to which she replied, “That’s a good question. I’ve never thought of it that way.”

During that same conversation with the principal, I also gave her some information about other issues we had been having particularly one issue with my youngest who was in second grade. I would regularly stop in the classroom on Friday after I got off work since I got off at noon, go to lunch with the class, come back to the classroom and help some of the students read, do projects or work on new concepts they were learning. This one particular day came after we found out we were moving out of the community. I showed up during lunch because I left work a little late. When lunch was over, the teacher’s assistant came in the cafeteria, walked over to me and said, “Oh, so you decided to come eat lunch with Maura?” I responded with, “Yes, I had some time this afternoon since I don’t have any other errands to run, so I thought I’d come hang out with her and help you all out.”

Imagine my shock when she said, “Well, I don’t think you’ll be able to stay this afternoon,” and walked off. I walked back to the classroom with my daughter, and the kids all went inside. The teacher said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to stay.” I gave her a confused look, and she continued, “When parents come into the classroom, it really disrupts the kids, especially this close to winter break.” I continued to have a confused look and she went on to say, “The other second grade teachers and I sat down together, and we have a new policy that we’re not going to be allowing parents to come in for the rest of the year. The kids have to start to gain their independence, and we feel this is the best time to start helping them do that.”

What this teacher didn’t know was that another student told me while we waited in the cafeteria to go back to the classroom that her Mom had been there the day before and spent a couple of hours in the classroom. I was obviously upset and hurt by what the teacher had said, but even more than that, I was angry. This teacher had told a blatant lie to my face without flinching. It scared me to know that my daughter was in her class, and I began wondering what other character flaws this teacher had that would influence my little girl. When I shared this information with the principal, she was upset and told me that they do not have any such policy and that they welcome parents in their classrooms.

The next month, in January 2012, we moved to Burlington, NC, for my husband’s job. The Alamance-Burlington School System had not started implementing CCSS, and the quality of the schools was a little better than WCPSS. We relaxed for four months, but I noticed the beginning signs of CCSS, with early release for staff and teacher development. By that August when they returned to school, CCSS was in full-swing.

My youngest child was highly intelligent but regularly came home with behavior marks indicating she had not been on target. I couldn’t figure out why this was happening and started praying fervently for insight into the problem and a solution. It took until January to figure out she was bored. I sent supplemental work for her to complete, and her behavior issues seemed to be remedied, but we occasionally dealt with the issue.

Throughout the spring of 2013, I was increasingly frustrated with my son’s lack of understanding the material he was studying. When I tried to help him, I could not make any sense out of the assignments he was bringing home. I asked him questions about what the teacher had taught them that day, and he could not explain anything about the lesson. I continued to pray about my frustrations, asking God what we needed to do about their education. I clearly heard God tell me to homeschool the two youngest children. Within two weeks of hearing God’s voice, my son and youngest daughter asked me to homeschool them.

I experienced opposition from my husband and oldest daughter who was fully indoctrinated about the public school system. Fortunately she is a strong Christian, but she was in high school, had her group of friends and was not going to come home easily. Interestingly, God had already warned me that this would be the case, so I just kept praying for her. I told my husband that I was going to the homeschool conference in May “just to see what kind of curricula is available”. By the end of May when I went to the conference, we bought all of our curriculum because he was on-board and wondering how long it would take our oldest to decide she wanted to come home, too.

I’m pleased to say that one week before school started last fall, she came to me and stated emphatically, “Mama, I think God wants me to homeschool in the spring.” She stayed at the public school through the fall semester to give me time to sort out the education of her younger brother and sister. My youngest was so indoctrinated that we spent last fall working on character and respect, especially of us as her parents. She still fights us a little bit, but now it has normalized into what I call normal testing of the waters rather than complete outright defiance due to the undermining of our authority that was happening in the public schools.

I discovered on June 10, 2013 exactly how bad that undermining of our authority had become. The same teacher who acted like she was working with me to remedy the behavior issues had been silently undermining me all spring semester. Remember that supplemental work I sent to school with my youngest? I pulled that workbook out after we got home from withdrawing her on the last day of school, and not one page was completed. Not one page! I was furious, confused, hurt, completely beside myself. I asked her why nothing was done in the book, and her answer opened my eyes to the serious indoctrination happening in our schools.

The answer was simple: she became a free miniature teacher’s assistant. She would complete her work and be expected to help the students who were struggling, or she would be sent on errands, or she would be asked to read to the class while the teacher and her assistant were on their computers. Never before had I been so sure of a decision than I was at that moment. It was time to educate them at home, and whatever it takes, we will continue to do so until graduation.

Thank you for your project that lays out the entire history of public education and confirms my growing suspicions and knowledge of the indoctrination my own children were subjected to. Thankfully they were only in the system five years, so the damage is still reversible with God’s help. He has been faithful and is really working in the hearts of all three of my children. Sadly, there are many more parents who are unaware of the dangers they send their children into every day.

Teach Them to Think

The knowledge each of us has is the sum of all our experiences, including those things we see and do in our day-to-day lives (a.k.a., The School of Hard Knocks) as well as those experiences we gain in the classroom.  It’s those latter experiences that enable us to articulate what we know when communicating with others and understand what they communicate back to us.

I’ve argued repeatedly for the need to throw out whole language reading programs and return to phonics.  Whereas one might allow the child to develop a 1,500-word memorized vocabulary by the 4th grade, the other allows him or her to develop a 24,000-word reading vocabulary by the 4th grade.

My book and others have noted that John Dewey wanted to dumb-down reading skills because a limited vocabulary limits a child’s ability to think.  By controlling reading skills, the elitists control the minds of the masses.

Couple the importance of reading with that of writing, and it’s easy to see why both are vehemently discouraged in today’s public school classroom.  In fact, these thinking skills have been a problem for public school high priests and priestesses for more than 50 years.

When we write, we have to organize our thoughts into words that explain in precise detail what we’re thinking.  We associate one bit of knowledge with another, finding just the right words to distinguish one thought from another. Just as the wrong word in a translation from one language to another can cause problems, a poor choice of words or inadequate words can confuse the reader.  How often have you read something and wanted to ask the writer, “What’s your point?”

We want those who read what we’ve written to understand us.  We want to choose those words that fully express what we think.  That’s why a larger vocabulary is so important.  That’s why it’s so important to practice thinking by constantly reading and writing.

It won’t do us any good to practice just writing if our vocabulary bank accounts are overdrawn, and we haven’t read enough to know what good writing is supposed to look like.

I recently sat in on a public school board meeting where results of a statewide writing test showed the entire school system was failing to meet the minimum standard for writing.  Minorities and particularly boys scored especially low. The board and superintendant decided immediately what students needed to do was practice writing more.  That’s not enough.

Repeatedly attempting to solve upper level mathematical equations is pointless if the child can’t add, subtract, multiply and divide without the use of a calculator, which they now give to children in the 1st grade.  Teachers are forbidden to teach kids the multiplication table.  They call that rote memorization, but it’s okay to tell kids to memorize the entire English language through ridiculous whole language read programs.

Writing without a strong vocabulary is like trying to build a house with only a couple of boards and a few bricks.  The child first needs a solid vocabulary, which is developed from lots of reading.  Then he or she can put his reading skills to use to develop writing skills.

Writing is an exercise of the brain by which we use our vocabulary to express our thoughts.  Small vocabularies limit your ability to say what you want to say, no matter how strongly you feel about it.  Thinking and feeling, by the way, are separate components of the soul.  That’s right, the soul.

Man is a triune being – body, soul and spirit.  The soul too is made up three parts – intellect, emotion and will.  Public schools are great for emphasizing emotion and will over intellect.  Self-esteem is preferable to knowledge, which is why we have a generation proud of its ignorance.

People who can barely read are not likely to read up on today’s issues or the candidates before heading for the polls.  And you can rest assured that’s part of the objective in dumbing down the masses.

Though many claim to be Christian, they almost never read their Bible.  They depend on their pastor or priest to tell them what the Bible says; that is, if it matters to them what the Bible says.  It’s frightening to me that so many folks calling themselves Christian know absolutely nothing about Christ.

They don’t want to know him; they just want to feel religious.  They don’t want to know what God says about murdering unborn children or sexual perversion.  If you ask one of George Orwell’s proles to explain why it’s okay to kill a baby or live the lifestyle of sexual deviant, they can’t do it.  That would require a skill they don’t have – the ability to think.

Some may admit abortion and homosexuality are wrong, but that won’t change the way they vote.  They’ve heard about “separation of church and state,” but they have no more idea what they’re talking about than the morons who first subverted the 1st Amendment by misquoting a letter by letter by Thomas Jefferson to a group of Baptists.

It’s troubling to me the number of folks who’ll say they can separate what they believe spiritually from what they believe politically.  Such Orwellian double-speak proves their lack of thinking skills and obvious lack of real faith in the real savior, Jesus Christ.  That’s like saying I can separate my spirit from my soul.  Only God can do that!  It is the Spirit who tells my spirit that I am bought with a price.  The unsaved can’t understand that because their spirit is dead.  They can separate their religion from their politics because they haven’t been born again.  Their life experiences have been limited.

They cannot see the foolishness of their duplicity because their thinking skills are so weak.  If their shortcoming was something physical, they couldn’t muster the strength to do a single push-up.  They’re mental wimps.

So what can Christians do?  If you have a child in a public school, get him or her out.  If your child is in a Christian school that doesn’t build thinking skills, get him or her out.

Homeschooling is still the best model.  Impress upon your child from the time he or she is a few months old the importance of reading.  Read to him/her until you’ve taught him to read on his own via a good phonics-based reading program.  Have him practice writing every day.  I say again, every day.

We can teach our children and grandchildren to think.  The time to start doing so is yesterday.