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Technology Tracks Schoolbus Kids | Indoctrination

Technology Tracks Schoolbus Kids

The following is a guest post by IndoctriNation supporter, Isaac Weathers:

This story is out of Chicago and is quite startling. The Palos Heights School District 128 has implemented a new system that will enable them (the school district) to monitor and track our children in real-time.

In a bid to set parents’ nerves at ease, a southwest suburban school district has become one of the first in the state to begin using GPS to track schoolchildren riding buses to and from school each day.

Palos Heights School District 128 had previously been using ZPass, a GPS technology provided by Seattle-based Zonar Systems, to track the buses. But now the district is outfitting students’ backpacks with a luggage tag-sized unit that logs when the student steps on and off the bus.

“A little piece of mind helps you get through the day,” says Ann O’Brien, a mother of four children in Palos Heights School District 128. “They can locate kid and bus in seconds.”

Is it a good thing that we have reached a point where parents willingly allow their children to be “tagged” and tracked like animals by the government? Which of course is done for a “good cause” – so that the government can track, monitor, and protect our children!

At what point will we accept our God-given responsibility as parents to guard and protect our children, whether on a bus, at school, or at home? It’s not the government’s job to track and maintain the safety of our children, it’s ours.

I fear that we are slowly conditioning our children for the next level of government intrusion into their lives. And with every step of intrusion, a little more liberty is sacrificed, a little more freedom is lost, and a lot more of our future is put to death. It’s time for us stop ignoring the IndoctriNation that is occurring in and through the public education system in America.

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